ICkey values the opportunity to provide you with a quotation. You can issue an RFQ in following conditions: a. your order quantity is larger than stock; b. you didn’t find a suitable items after searching; c. you have customized requirement.

Please note that ICkey has several rules to ensure the quality and efficiency of our service. Please make sure that your quote satisfies the following conditions:

•   Order amount is more than USD700.00

•   Receiving the feedback within two working days is accepted

•   The quotation is valid for three days

RFQ to Chinese Suppliers

Please provide the required parameters. ICkey will help you get the quotation from Chinese suppliers. Since May 2016, ICkey has cooperated with about 100 Chinese electronic products manufacturers, who have rich experience in electronic industry and good reputation in China.

After you issue the RFQ, ICkey will inquiry your required products to several manufactures which are specialized in this field. After receiving the quotations from suppliers, ICkey will compare and select the best quotation for you, thus, it will significantly make your purchasing work more efficient.

How to Get an Accurate Quotation

Here you will know how to get an accurate quotation on ICkey, including the quotation from ICkey and Global Resources.

1. Get Quotation from ICkey Resources

To issue an RFQ, you shall sign in first and click RFQ from left hand navigation bar on home page.

You also can click RFQ on searching result page.

B.Please fill the information on the RFQ page, and provide as much as product information you have. Select “No” on RFQ page, and fill the required field. In order to make sure the exact product, we will suggest you to upload the data sheet as well

C. Submit the RFQ. You can check the quotation on My RFQ page. ICkey customer service representative will reply you within 2 working days. If you are satisfied with quotation, you can add to shopping cart directly for purchasing.

If you have any additional information after submitting, please contact with customer service representative.

2. Get Quotation from Global Resources

Same action as above, please sign in and go to the RFQ page. But select “Yes” and fill all required information. ICkey will inquiry to the supplier and reply you within 2 working days after you submit RFQ. If you are satisfied with quotation, you can add to shopping cart directly for purchasing.