Smart Search


To search for product and information, you can enter a part number, keywords or technical attribute in the search box. You will get the items list from ICkey Resources or Global Resources. From the left hand navigation column, you can narrow your current search by selecting supplier, lead time, manufacturer, RoHS compliant and in stock. About 10 million items in the database can be searched.

Keywords Match Search

Enter part descriptions into our search box. You can then narrow your search by selecting product categories or specific technical attribute until you locate the products you are looking for. Additional filters are available in most product categories that allow you to refine your search down to products that meet your specific needs.

Price Comparison

In the search results, many items from multiple suppliers will be showed. For your high efficiency purchase experience, ICkey provide price comparison service. You can compare the items in price based on exact quantity. On the search results page, you will find the price comparison key on the left hand navigation column. Enter the exact quantity in the box and update. Then all the suppliers will be ranked by price. Once you get the prefer items after the comparison, please click on Buy Now.

Add to Favorite

You can add the items which you have order plan for to My Favorites. To get the item, you can search based on a manufacturer's part number or keywords and collect it from parts details page. However, since the products are not locked in My Favorites, the stock and price are changing all the time. Please place the order as soon as possible.